The CDs

"This Is What We Do" and "Cookin' at the Cluny" available on iTunes now.

You can find out more about "This Is What We Do" and  "Cookin' at the Cluny" on this site and maybe listen to some audio clips.

If you'd like a real CD of Cookin' at the Cluny or Mission Statement (previous GR albums) please send an email to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All albums cost £9 + £2 postage and packing for the UK - £4 everywhere else, cheers!

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Now on iTunes

The latest album - This ... is what we do - features both bands and Sting on vocals and is now available on iTunes.

In fact most of the Gerry Richardson discography is available on iTunes.

Another Dark One

Big Jazz Club

Sting - on "Cookin' at the Cluny"

Sting - "Cookin' at the Cluny"

Sting - "Cookin' at the Cluny"

'I'm very proud of our Springtime, it's a great performance.' Gerry was in the year ahead of me in teacher's training college, but gigging was all we wanted to do ...

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The Big Idea CDs

"This ... is what we do"

"This ... is what we do"

This new album features vocal tracks by Gerry and guest musicians, notably Sting singing a Graham Bond song 'SPRINGTIME IN THE CITY'.

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